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We are the manufacturing of cylinders for Turkey and overseas markets in our factory. For Turkey cylinders are manufacturing according to TS EN 1442 standard. All controls in the production process, are made complate in according to TS EN 1442 standard for each cylinder.

In forein countriies, especially Iraq, Syria, Libya and African Market are using cylinders in our production.


Camping Cylinder: 02 kg (4.95 lt)

It is easily portable due to the gas weight 2 kg in LPG cylinder. There are two types of narrow and wide rim. Both kinds in the 2 kg of LPG. It can be used with special devices purposing of picnic and outdoor activities are preferred.

House Cylinders: 12 kg ( 26.20 lt)

Fatso - safety valved (360 mm diameter) and Long - valved (300 mm diameter) are to be presented in two types. In both types the amount of LPG weight is 12 kg. These types is the most commonly used types of LPG cylinders in Turkey. It can be used for cooking, heating and lighting.

Industrial Cylinders: 24 kg (52.00 lt), 45 kg (108.50 lt)

24 Kg Commercial: Domestic LPG in the amount of 24 kg. Higher than domestic consumption, such as businesses use is suitable for use in the field. 45 Kg Industry: Domestic LPG in quantities of 45 kg. With high consumption of LPG is used in industrial and commercial organizations.

Special LPG Cylinders

Forklift Cylinders:

There are 2 types; 12kg and 24 kg LPG capacity. Forklift LPG cylinders is specifically produced for forklift machines. In addition, the gas level indicator level can be followed

LPG Sampling Cylinder: 2 lt

Used for transporting LPG samples to the laboratory for analysis. It is produced according to the TS EN ISO 4257 standard. It sales of 24 cm x 24 cm x 52 cm sizes in wooden crate.


Cylinders that we produce for the Libyan market, 2 kg (4.95 liters), 5 kg (12.0 liters) and 11 kg (26.5 liters) type.


Cylinders that we produce for the Iraq market, 12.5 kg (26.20 liters) type.


Cylinders that we produce for the Syrian market, 48.0 liters type.